Dream Theater: New album comes in 2013

A new album of Dream Theater will probably be released in 2013! In April 2012 guitarist John Petrucci announced that the band had already begun writing the new album. If the band follows its 2-year cycle, a release of the successor of “A Dramatic Turn of Events” can be assumed as quite certain for 2013.

Dream Theater
Dream Theater: New album comes in 2013
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In 2011 the first Dream Theater album without the assistance of band veteran Mike Portnoy was released. Portnoy had been the drummer of the group since its founding and had ever been considered as the “public voice” of Dream Theater. However, the drums on “A Dramatic Turn Of Events” were recorded by Portnoy’s successor Mike Mangini – and the new album will be the first one whose drum patterns will be created by Mangini, too.

A release of the new album in summer 2013 is very likely to happen. If Dream Theater’s songwriting is at an advanced stage, and if the band should look forward to a live return, the album could already be released in spring 2013!

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