Foo Fighters: Probably no new album & tour in 2013

Bad news for Foo Fighters fans: there will be no new album and no tour in 2013. Dave Grohl & co. are taking a break from being Foo Fighters. But no need to worry: there are new projects Dave Grohl is working on!

Foo Fighters 2013
Foo Fighters
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Despite of several rumours saying that the Foo Fighters will come back with a new album and a big world tour in 2013, the band will take a break and stay away from big stadiums and album release lists next year. However, that doesn’t mean that Dave Grohl will be idle: he’s got some new project scheduled for 2013 – and there are rumours about further ones.

Here is an overview about all projects Dave Grohl is and may be involved in for 2013:

  • Grohl’s new movie Sound City – whose soundtrack is done by him, too – will start in January.
  • He will play the drums on the new album of Queens Of The Stone Age that will be released in early 2013!
  • Maybe he will return with Josh Homme and Jon Paul Jones as Them Crooked Vultures – live and/or in studio?
  • Many fans are waiting for a new Probot release – maybe he’s working on it in secret?
  • Garbage will produce new songs in 2013 – maybe Grohl will return in it on drums as he did in 2005 for the great “Bleed Like Me” opener “Bad Boyfriend”?

…thus there is no reason for Grohl fans to feel disappointed about what 2013 is coming up with! “He’ll be coming home next year!” 😉

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  1. Dave Knoxville says:

    false, dave said in an interview that he would release a new album this year after sound city is over

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