Metallica: New album in 2013 or 2014

After 5 years there will be a new album from Metallica in late 2013 or early 2014 – this has already been confirmed by Mercury Records (source:

Lars UlrichLars Ulrich, drummer of Metallica
Source | Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0 Unported | Author: Wikipedia user Kreepin Deth

Supposedly, the electric guitarists James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett can choose from a pool of no less than 1200 new guitar riffs they’ve collected during the last years. 800 riffs were written by Hetfield and another 400 ones by Hammett. Now the pieces have to be put together during the composition processes of the new album tracks.

The recordings began this fall and will go on until late 2013. The new album will be published in the end of 2013 or in early 2014.

Hopefully, the production of the new album will be better than on the two previous works – without the tin drums of St. Anger and the clipping errors from Death Magnetic…

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6 Responses to Metallica: New album in 2013 or 2014

  1. Rick N Roll says:

    Wtf.. The last two albums are awesome.. Death Magnetic just blows!! its perfect

  2. ROD says:

    i hope its better than the last few albums. i havnt bought a metallica album since the black label. hope its more like the justice songs!

  3. Sandman says:

    Wtf?! Whoever wrote this couldn’t be more wrong, st anger WAS a great album although it wasn’t completely in par with the bands previous records, a masterpiece nonetheless. And death magnetic was one of Metallicas better albums hands down. I can’t for the life of me understand how ANYONE can dislike Metallica, each and every one of their tracks is a work of art and there is not another band/artist on the planet that can even hope to compete with the legend that is METALLICA

  4. Chandler says:

    Metallica can’t be beaten. I understand where some people come from when they say that saint anger was bad… It was different. But it was still a badass album. Everything they do is amazing, hands down.

  5. amie huffman says:

    I love all of metallica’s records, all us true fans do. they are artists period. get a life assholes

  6. Metallica Fan says:

    I hope it comes out soon because I love there music. I hope it better than “Load”,”Reload”, and “Death Magnetic”.

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