Tool: New album in 2013?

Tool will publish a new album in 2013! The American progressive rock band has already been working on new material since June 2012 and will publish it in the course of year.

Tool: New album in 2013
Source | Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic | Author: Flickr user Jon Iraundegi (aterpeirun)

Band member Danny Carey announced in spring that the band would enter the studio in June 2012 in order to record their new songs. The release of the new fifth album didn’t come in 2012, but probably will in 2013 – seven years after their last release “10,000 Days”, which became a great success in 2006.

Tool successfully hit the charts worldwide and reached the top 10 of many countries already in the first week – in some countries “10,000 Days” even landed at number 1 in the album charts.

Will tool repeat this success in 2013? We will see…

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