U2: New U2-Album out in April 2014!

U2’s new album will be out in April 2014! The release of the new record via CD, Vinyl and download is finally almost confirmed. According to the band, it should mark a return to U2’s old sound.

U2 live on stage
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The new album, which is still unnamed but may be titled “Songs of Ascent”, will be out in spring 2014, most likely on some day in April. Release details of the album will be announced at the Superbowl in February.

The record will be produced by Danger Mouse who is known to give a very modern alternative sound to records. However, the band members have announced to release a record that will include tracks that are written and recorded in a very old-school style.

The new album will be the first U2 record since the release of “No line on the horizon” which had been released four years ago. Their latest song that had been released was the track “Ordinary love” which had been part of the soundtrack of the Nelson Mandela biopic “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom”. It is not yet confirmed if that track will also be part of the new album’s track listing, too.

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